Qualification of training and teaching personnel for the use of open telelearning.


The current developments of international data networks (Internet and Online services) for the first time offer extent possibilities to implement computer aided multimedia telelearning in the field of initial and continuing vocational training. This concerns for example possibilities of simultation, mulitmedia aided interactive learning as well as in parts automatised learning assesment. Just these possibilities place among other things the basis for a didactic development of telelearning. Especially for promoting learning offers and learning partnerships throughout Europe, the utilisation of transnational networks seems to be advantageous.

Nevertheless many priviously developed modules of telelearing remain unsatisfactory because both in development and above all in realising didactic innovations they do not show to advantage. The new techical possibilities are used for the most part, but often the qustion arises whether there is a didactic innovation in comparison to paper orientated distance learning concepts.

In the context of promoting didactic utilisation of new media throughout Europe, the traning and teaching personnel take a key position. Here the planned project must start: ways of qualifying training and teaching personnel how to use telelearning are to be shown.

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The followning basic contects and qualification are planned:

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Main objectives of the pilot project are above all:

- determination of requirements

- curricula (including common quality standards)

- syllabuses

- teaching and learning materials

- project tasks and descriptions

- guidance for potential training and teaching personel
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The project partners

CNC-Zentrum Hamburg, Germany

Traning organisationin the field of CVT in the sector of metal industry. The activiteies are: CVT, Consulting, Research & Development. European experiences: Participated in Eurotecnet, Participating in Leonardo, Adapt end ESF 3 and 4

AOF-Education Centre, Denmark

Run and founded by AOF Give, i.e. The Workers« Educational Association of Give. On the European level the Education Centre is running af variety of language, vocational training and democracy promoting projects. Finansin: e.g. Phare Democracy Fund, ESF, Petra

Area + Network, S.L., Spain

A SME-specialised organisation for traning the trainer, it has trained 2000 trainers since 1991. Also analysing traning needs for trainers, producing several pedagogic materials to train trainers, electronic and video support; working on projects for innovation on continuous vocational training and telelearning. Teletraining at distance from Europe and Latin America.

Casa Di Carita e Mestieri, Italy

Non profit organisation. It has been developing communitarian projects like Lingua, Petra, Employment (Horizon. Youthstart, Now) and Leonardo.

Kunnskapscenteret i Gildeskal, Norway

Fishing industry business (northern Norway) based on local supplies of fish. Main products are stockfish, lye-prepared fish and salted fish for national markets. High demands of product quality have urged the enterprise to pay attention to the education standard of the workers, especially related to craft certificates.

Pasterur Vocational Traning Institute, Greece

Institute in the field of voc. Studies, founded in 1967. Private institution above Lyceum level, the largest of its kind in Greece. Every year about 2500 students attend courses offered by Pasteur. Sectors: Health sciences, Computing sciences, Educational sciences, Business administration and Economy sciences.

The legal partners, all have several associated partners (e.g. SME«s, Schools, customers, social partners). The associated partners emphasize a wide range of areas of CVT participating and are going to transfer and disseminate the project results in as many directions as possible:

Associated partners are:

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The roles of the 6 legal partners are the following

CNC-Zentrum Hamburg, Germany

AOF-Education Centre, DenmarkArea + Network, S.L, SpainPasteur, GreeceCasa di Carita Arti e Mestieri, ItalyKunnskapscenteret i Gildeskal, Norway>Go to the TOP