To all Teletrainers-to-be:

With the here presented 9 + 1 qualification modules we do give a contribution to one of the key aspects of telelearning development, that is TrainTrainers Ė the qualification of training and teaching personnel.

In an interactive process, our international partner group has developed and described 3 days-seminars plus a base of teaching-/learning material which can flexibly be combined to a great extend and therefore guarantee a good adaptation to the trainerís resp. teacherís needs.

Based on presumed start conditions of Teletrainers-to-be we recommend some different combinations of modules.

A module in this concept is meant as being an independent and closed unit with

both described in the module itself.

The documents all have a common format and are supposed to be written as practical and adaptation-oriented as possible.

We wish you success an a lot of interesting work and discussion with our material and we are looking forward to your feedback.  

Map of the modules ...